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Review Journal : Patent Laws

Review the paper

Journal Paper: Amazon Settles Patent Suit for $40M, Law360, New York (August 11, 2005, 12:00 AM ET)
This journal explains about the case between the e-commerce giants website and Soverain LLC the Chicago-based software developer company related to patent issue acquired by soverain LLC. Severain has made a complaint filed to U.S District Court for the Eastern district of Texas in January 2004 and again in December 2004. Soverain has asserted that has infringes five patents that belong to them.

Summary of the paper

The Summary of the case is agreed to pay $40 million for settling patent litigation over five patents acquired by Soverain LLC. was sued by Soverain LLC in january 2004 and December 2004 for infringes five patents  acquired by Soverain that related to e-commerce function. The patents that Soverain claims as their own patents is a e-commerce software that allow visitor to review the catalog they have selected , do a modifications or additions and purchase the items, it also related to overall sales procedure like credit card transaction and integrated advertising. This patent was purchased by Soverain from Open Market,Inc. that merged with  Divine Inc, the software firm which went bankrupt in 2003. Amazon also has faced a similar patent case with Cendant Inc. for website feature that offered shoppers product suggestion based on their purchases in November 2004.

Relevance to patent law major components of Intellectual Property

Soverain LLC use Patent law to fight again in this case.  Soverain take advantage on the patent right they have to make a good investment for themselves. It is necessary for any other small or big companies to reexamination their patents and trademarks like soverain do to protect their invention form any other larger company. Patents law can be used to protect an invention from being sold, used or made by others for a certain period of time.


For a conclusion, patent can be important for an individual or a company inventors to prevent from any other larger companies or individual to take advantage of their ideas. A patented idea can form a basis for a new business to make their fortune. Without a patent law protection, a small business or any other new ideas that come from an individual or group can be easy to imitate by others. The larger company can take a advantage of their idea and make more efficiently and can also use a patents right for their own good.

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