Anonymous Lancar Serangan Cyberattack ke atas Israel Goverment. | Killjols Anonymous Lancar Serangan Cyberattack ke atas Israel Goverment. | Killjols
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Anonymous Lancar Serangan Cyberattack ke atas Israel Goverment.

Sekali lagi Anonymous akan melancarkan serangan cyber ke atas Israel Goverment seperti yang mereka lakukan pada tahun lalu pada tarikh yang sama, yang dikenali sebagai OpIsrael, 7 April 2013 , dan sekali lagi anonymous kembali menyerang pada 7 April ini pada tahun 2014, dengan mesej yang sama dan tarikh yang sama iaitu bersamaan tarikh memperingati holocoust, 7 April 2014.

Here the message from anonymous:

"We are Anonymous. As in previous attacks….we will be back once again on April 7th, 2014, to forge electronic attacks against as many Israeli websites as possible. Your Zionist bigotry has displaced and killed a great many of innocent people, while forcing the remaining citizens into conformity and complete submission. We will not stand by idly, while you continue to oppress the people. We will not allow you to attack a sovereign country based upon a campaign of lies and deceit. We will rise up and defend the innocent. Our main target is your government websites and servers We will, Inshallah, with the help of many Muslim hackers around the world, ERASE you from the face of the internet. Your credit cards, your bank accounts , your servers … are ALL in a danger !
We will NEVER forget or forgive your crimes against humanity … against the people of Palestine ! Just as you have condemned the innocent…so shall you be condemned.
You can not Stop Us !! For we are many. We are LEGION.

We are Anonymous
We are defenders of the innocent
We will NEVER forget
You know better now to EXPECT US!"
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